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  • Scheduling

    Students will begin selecting courses for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.  This Scheduling One-Pager includes a timeline and scheduling resources for students and parents. Students will enter course requests on their own in PowerSchool January 29 - February 4.  Course Requests must be completed BEFORE students meet with their Counselor.  Students are asked to do the best they can and come prepared with any questions they might have to their one-on-one counseling meeting.  Counselors will review their requests and help them to make any adjustments to be sure they are on track for graduation, for their specific diploma as well as for their future college and career goals.  All one-on-one meetings will be about 10 minutes and will be completed by March 4th.

    PHS School Counseling
  • Enrollment Information

    For an enrollment appointment, please contact Katherine Leonard at 598-5789.

    The PCPS Student Enrollment page is linked here.

    PHS School Counseling
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School Counseling Staff




Katherine Leonard Registrar and School Counseling Secretary 804-598-5789 and
FAX 804-598-0036
Kelyn Captain A-B (part-time), Homebound 804-598-5710 (ext. 307)
Chrissie Holley C-G, School Counseling Director 804-598-5710 (ext. 311)
Doug Reimondo H-L, Alternative Education, Scholarship Co-coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 310)
Caryn Rehme M-R, Career Day, College Recruiters 804-598-5710 (ext. 308)
Sarah Baltimore S-Z, Dual Enrollment, Scholarship Co-coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 309)
Marie Crump Testing Coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 304)
Rick Cole Career Coach 804-598-5710 (ext. 346)
GRASP Adviser Financial Aid Coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 316)
Sharon Faubert Attendance Officer, GED 804-598-5710 (ext. 307)


 Mrs. Captain   Mrs. Holley   Mr. Reimondo   Mrs. Rehme   Ms. Baltimore 
Kelyn Captain
A - B

Chrissie Holley
C - G

Doug Reimondo
H - L

Caryn Rehme
M - R

Sarah Baltimore
S - Z