Teachers of the Month

Mr. Cabezas

Mr. Beasley

Mr. Dean

Mrs. Mickens

Mrs. Vandell

Mr. Benway

Mrs. Leonard

Mr. Partusch

Mrs. Tillett

Leon Sydnor

Ms. Ross

 Pam Ross 

Ms. Wilson

 Amanda Wilson 

Ms. Baltimore

 Sarah Baltimore 

Mr. Payne

  Mike Payne  

Mr. Williams

 Paul Williams 

Mrs. McQuiddy

 Sarah McQuiddy 

Mrs. Poore

Mrs. Jackson

Ms. Wildauer

 Wildauer holding trophy. 

Mr. Fleisher

 Fleisher holding trophy. 

Mrs. Anderson

 Anderson holding trophy. 

Ms. Barrett

 Barrett holding trophy. 

Mrs. Taylor

 Taylor holding trophy 

Mrs. Novak

 Novak holding trophy 

Mrs. Lisker

 Lisker holding trophy 

Mrs. Samuels

 Samuels with trophy 

Mrs. Blythe Samuels is at the top of her profession.  Not only are her skills and abilities needed and sought out at PHS she has made an impact on our state as well as, across the country as a grader for AP testing.  Blythe provides tutoring to students who are in need, meaning she doesn’t just tutor the kids in her classes. Selfless service is one way to sum up how she lives her life.  She constantly gives 100% every single day and expects the same thing from her students. Her ultimate goal is to ensure the kids from PHS are prepared and competitive in today’s society. I have enjoyed being on the same hallway as Blythe because she is a inspiration to me and to others.  She ROCKS!!

Mr. Snead

 Snead with trophy 

Mr. Washburn

 Washburn with trophy 

Mrs. McManus

 McManus with trophy 

LTC Baker

Baker holding trophy

LTC Baker is a leader who serves as a role model.  She arrives to school early and is one of the last to leave in the evening.  She always greets others with a smile. She fosters positive relationships between her students and their teachers.  When participating in IEP meetings, she contributes by discussing observations she has made and actively advocates for the student.  When a logistical need arises in the building, she encourages her students to actively offer the needed support. LTC Baker is constantly exposing her students to political and military leaders they might not otherwise meet.  Her students are learning to work with each other to overcome obstacles as members of a team.  

Mrs. Duncan

Duncan holding trophyPaula is an excellent teacher. She spends many after school hours developing new lessons to invigorate her students. She uses new technology paired and a multi-sensory approach to give students a diverse education that includes rigor and intellectual pursuit. Paula builds her student’s knowledge by using an extensive vocabulary while explaining what she is saying using terms that students can translate into intended knowledge.  Paula is a master of keeping class decorum. She is able to elicit desired behavior from students while allowing the students to preserve a positive self perception. These are just a few of the reasons that qualify Paula Duncan as one of “February’s Teachers of the Month”. 

Mr. Llewellyn

Llewellyn holding trophy  Mr. Llewellyn works behind the scenes to make our athletic program run effectively and to coordinate and support our student activities.

Ms. Wirt

Wirt holding trophy 

Stephanie Wirt


  1. Strength; the strength of your soul and of your spirit.
  2. Beauty; the beauty of your soul of your spirit.
  3. Integrity; the integrity of your being.

She Inspires thru example  

  1. As a woman you are fearless, tireless, a champion.
  2. As a mother you are loving, understanding, accepting.
  3. As a teacher you are compassionate, caring, motivating.


You have a thing for arches and pathways. And now I get it. That's what you do for your students. You show them the arches of inspiration and creativity an artist must go thru. You show them the pathways into the arts; into what man can create. You open new pathways to beauty for your students.

As a teacher and beloved friend, I salute you and honor you with this award. 

Mrs. Tew

Tew holding trophy Rachel is an amazing part of the Exceptional Education team.  She is someone to admire for her dedication to her students. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she also assists administrative staff in her position as an Administrative Aide.  She is at countless school events supporting staff and students. She is an incredible asset to our school. 

Mr. Bird

Bird holding trophy Mr. Bird strives everyday to provide meaningful learning experiences for his students and works hard to build relationships with each of his students. 

Ms. Foos

Foos holding trophy Amber Foos has established an effective adaptive PE program for our students. She provides an organized environment for students to have fun, enjoy recreational activities, practice social skills and use their communication skills. The benefits to this class extend to the group of peers that sign up to be one on one buddies. With Foos’s guidance, students learn compassion, responsibility and flexibility in working with many different learners. Ms. Foos shows love and respect to students in all of her classes and while she’s coaching. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Foos. 

Mr. Peña

Pena holding trophy 

I would like to honor Mr. Victor Peña as January 2019 Teacher of the Month.  Mr. Peña has an excellent relationship with his students. So many times students will tell me “Oh, Mr. Peña, I just love him” or “Mr. Peña makes it so that Spanish is not a mystery” or “Mr. Peña really cares about his students”.  Many students tell me how much they have learned from Mr. Peña about the countries, the culture, and the language of Europe and Latin America. I heard a least 50 stories about how much The Day of the Dead Altar meant to them. Some of the students that we share proudly gave me tiny skulls that were made in his class.  They explained their significance and told me how special they were. Many of the students were enamored with Selena, who is one of the greatest cultural icons of present times. Selena has such importance in Latin America that 90% of all Day of the Dead costumes are Selena. Mr. Peña teaches his students about the Carnival festival and the rich culture surrounding it.  I have learned so much from him and his students about the chalk drawing on the road for the floats. Mr. Peña makes the celebration come alive in his classroom. I have been invited to enjoy the parade, the foods from different nations, and judging the masks his students have created.

Mr. Peña displays such a surety when he teaches.  He is comfortable in his classroom with his students.  When I pop over to ask for his guidance, he is always so very welcoming.  His students are respectful when I come. He makes it very easy to visit.

Mr. Peña is always improving his teaching and himself.  He attends FLAVA and last year he was a presenter. This was a prestigious honor.  I had friends from other districts ask me about him in connection to his presentation.

I am honored to work with Mr. Peña and I am honored to honor him. 

Mrs. Cavedo

Cavedo holding trophyStacey has been a great addition to the exceptional education department. She is a team player and is always willing to help! Stacey has been incredibly helpful brainstorming ideas for interventions for students.

Mr. McCullough

McCullough with trophy Lee is an extremely talented history teacher.  His reflective nature helps him to consistently create exciting and innovative lessons for his students.  He works hard to do what’s right for every student and is a beacon of integrity. Lee always has a kind or encouraging word for his students and is quietly one of the best teachers around!

Mrs. Meade

Meade with trophy Ms. Meade always has an upbeat attitude!  With enthusiasm, she gets her students involved throughout our building and community.  She is a great asset to her kids and a positive colleague to have on our staff.


Ms. Eppes

Eppes holding trophy Phyllis is a business and economics teacher.  She has a heavy class load but is always pleasant and willing to help students and other teachers.

Ms. Bowles

Bowles holding trophyAustin is an exceptional education teacher at Powhatan High School representing one of our November Teachers of the Month. She brings positive energy to every collaborative classroom and a steadfast commitment to co-teaching the curriculum. Austin strives to provide a supportive, caring learning environment for each of her students.

Mrs. Campbell

Campbell holding trophy

Jennifer is a French teacher and girls’ tennis coach representing one of our November Teachers of the Month.  Her willingness to continually adapt and innovate in order to meet the needs of her students is only part of what makes her such an asset to PHS.  She forms wonderful relationships with her students and is always ready to lend a helping hand to a colleague in need.


Mr. Deely

Deely holding trophyJoe provides superior educational support to our most at-risk students. In nearly every case, these are students that demonstrate an elevated potential for becoming high-school dropouts. He is an active listener, patient, flexible, and great at problem-solving.  He does not give up on any student. Joe is representing one of our November Teachers of the Month.

Mrs. Simonick

Simonick holding trophyLisa is a math teacher and online coordinator for PHS representing one of our November Teachers of the Month. Her flexible nature and the ability to problem-solve through any situation is invaluable to the success of the school community. Mrs. Simonick is a masterful teacher; building relationships and pushing students to achieve their greatest potential is one of her many strengths.